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Mary Poppins

  Book by Julian Fellowes
  Music and Lyrics by Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman
  Additional Songs by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe
  Directed by Lin Holdridge
  Musical Direction by Terry Bowman
  Choreography by Molly Buchman
  Performances run September 12 thru October 5 (Rehearsals begin July 27)

(EVERYONE must sign up for auditions in the Box Office at (225) 924-6496)

ADULTS: (Prepare a verse and chorus from a standard Broadway song. Accompanist provided)
Saturday, May 3, 9am - 5pm
Monday, May 5, 6pm-10pm

CHILDREN: (Audition music available for download. Memorize and be prepared to sing measures 3 - 42. Ignore which character the score says is singing.)
Sunday, May 4, 2pm-4pm (Children will be auditioned in groups to sing and dance.)

CLICK HERE to download music for Children Audition.

DANCE AUDITIONS: (Everyone in the show dances! All adults must attend this)
Wednesday, May 7, 7pm-10pm
Men - 7pm
Women - 8pm

Saturday, May 10, 9am - 1pm


Mary Poppins

(Looks between 25 and 35) A very British and magical nanny who sweeps into the Bank’s home to help raise the children properly and restore order and love to the family. She is stern but loveable and never acknowledges her magical powers. Sings, dances and taps.


(Looks between 25 to 40– British) Mary Poppin’s best friend – a combination chimney sweep, artist and all around nice guy. Sings and dances – taps.
George Banks

(Looks between 30s and 40s) George works at the bank and lives at No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane with his wife and two children. He is gruffly loving of his wife and children. He was tormented as a child by a cruel nanny and is preoccupied with work. Sings and moves well.

Winifred Banks

(Looks in her 30’s to early 40’s) She is the wife of George and mother to Jane and Michael. She is a former actress and is under constant pressure from her husband as she struggles to enter his social circle. Has a kind and loving heart. Sings and moves well.

Jane Banks

(Looks between 10 and 12) Goes on magical journeys with Mary Poppins. She is skeptical at first, but learns from Marry Poppins.  A good singer and dancer.  Must be able to learn a lot of dialogue very fast.

Michael Banks

(Looks between 8 and 10) Is quick to like and believe anything Mary Poppins says. A good singer and quick study in dance. Must be able to learn a lot of dialogue very fast.

Mrs. Brill

(Middle age) She is the Bank’s cook.  She is often grumpy for no reason. Sings and moves well.

Robertson Ay (20s to early 30s) He is a servant to the Bank’s household. Very comedic, lazy and forgetful and a pain for Mrs. Brill. Sings and moves well.
Bird Woman

(Non -descript street woman). As in any street person, she has a rough exterior, but when you get to know her, a heart of gold. Beautiful voice.

Admiral Boom/Bank Chairman

(Can play two characters-one in 60s and other in 70s) Admiral is a retired Naval Officer, proper and ship-shape.  He is used to order and punctuality. Chairman walks with a cane and has ruled the bank for generations. Must be able to sing with a crusty-old voice.

The folowing characters double or triple in ensemble. They all sing and dance extremely well.
Miss Andrews

(Can play 50s to late 60s) Has an operatic voice. She was George’s nanny and is known as the “holy terror.”

Park Keeper/Teddy Bear

(20s to 30s) Watches over the park like he owns it. Solo in toy dream sequence, “Playing the Game.”

Policeman/Mr. Punch (20s to 30s) Patrols the beat from the park to Cherry Tree Lane. Solo in toy dream sequence, “Playing the Game.”

(Dancer with nice build) Neleus is a statue that comes to life in the park, sings well (solos) and and comfortable with basic ballet. Valentine is a toy who comes to life in Jane and Michael’s nursery (solos).

Northbrook (20s to 30s) Applies for a loan with George Banks at the bank.
Von Hussler (20s to 30s) Applies for a loan with George Banks at the bank.

(20s to 30s) Clerk at the bank.  Delivers message to Banks house.

Miss Lark

(Can appear middle age) George’s neighbor who treats her dog like her child.

Mrs. Corry

(She is ageless) Runs a magical “conversation shop” in the park. She has many solos during “Supercalifr…” number.

Katie Nanna/Annie (Appears middle age with make-up)  One of many nannies who quits her employment with the Bank’s home because of unruly children. Annie is Mrs. Corry’s daughter and appears to be in her 20s
Fannie Mrs. Corry’s other daughter, also in her 20s.
Glamorous Doll (20s and has solo line in “Playing the Game.”) A dancing doll that comes to life.

5 men and 5 women who can tap and sing.

To sign-up for auditions, call the Box Office at (225) 924-6496.

Scripts are available for Checkout at the Box Office ($20 refundable deposit)



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